Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Best of Maury Povich

Some might say there is no such thing as the "Best" of Maury. But these Five Clips are the ones that I consider the best as they are Hilariously stupid but very entertaining.
Here they are in No Particular Order.

Black Kid with White Parents

Girl Scared of Pickles

15 year Old has Already had sex over 300 times

11th Paternity test

Man or Woman?


Emily said...

whateva whateva I do what I want!

JFSIII said...

iscoooool. Cuz I got it like that!

(or any of the other classics she spits during that intro)

tgpo said...

I suddenly remembered why I never watched TV in the daytime during my summers.


neal said...

i suddenly remember why I do.

Jay said...

I'm a playa! you can't tell me what to do! I will have sex in your bed. thats right BITCH!

Ben said...

I couldn't have sex with someone who had such an annoying voice, even if she is an easy 15 year old.